Water with Okra for Diabetes Treatment

How to Prepare Water with Okra for Diabetes Treatment

A recent research conducted in China shows that okra intake can be beneficial to patients with diabetes.

okra diabetes water
Okra, also known as gumbo or lady's finger
    While there may be a number and variety of ways through which okra, also called as gumbo or lady's finger, can be incorporated in the diet via vegetable recipes, one easier way of getting the okra for diabetes cure is by drinking okra diabetes water.

    Here's how to prepare water with okra for diabates treatment:

    1. Prepare two pieces of fresh okra.
    2. Cut both ends of  the okra and put a small cut in the middle.

    1. Place these two pieces of okra in a glass of water and leave at room temperature overnight (not in the fridge).
    2. Cover the water to keep away dust.
    3. Remove the dipped okras and drink your okra water  before eating your breakfast in the morning. The okra water is best taken on an empty stomach.


Anonymous said...

My wife is already a drinker of Okra Water for almost 1 month and her sugar have never go up as high as 200!

Anonymous said...

I nhave been taking okra water for nthe last one month and have been able to cut down on my insulin to half of what I was taking before the okra water treatment and also reduced the intake of Glocophage, so it does work, do not believe the skeptics and do not listen to folks who believe doctors to be gods on earth, they are all funded by pharmacuitical companies so they will only prescribe pharma meds to continue this mana from heaven

Anonymous said...

Ok, tried okra water due to the fact that I have ran out of my medication and won't be able to afford it until payday. Drunk a few ounces this morning and by lunch I had a bowel movement accident in the single use bathroom (Thank God) at work. Has this ever happen to anyone?

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